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La cxi-kuna teksto estas parto de artikolo <­3r3qcf$>
en la novajxgrupo talk.politics.european-union. La temo estas "Re: New
group, new discussions…", kaj la verkinto Gilles Rech.

Eble kelkaj homoj volos reagi. Prefere ne pre komenco de flammilito…

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I don’t actually agree with you when you say that political customs
separate EU members. The political organizations and even the major
political tendancies are homogeneous enough. What about the customs ?
Of course there are differencies, but they are minors.

The major barrier is the language. (Just imagine that each state of the
USA has its own language and you’ll understand some of the european
problems). So, an european has many difficulties identifying himself
as an european ; he belongs to a nation. When a man from California
is asked for "who do you come from ?", he answers "I’m american".
An european would reply "I’m english/I’m spanish/I’m french…". So
it is difficult to feel we have common interests when we can’t
feel that we belong to wider community.

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