Respondo de George Partlow

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Respondo de George Partlow

From: Don HARLOW <­>
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Mi supozas, ke la abonantoj de rebato-l interesigxos pri cxi tiu respondo
de George Partlow al la radio-programo "Weekend All Things Considered",
kvankam gxi ne rekte rilatas kun Esperanto.

— Don

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From: "George W. Partlow" <­>
To: Weekend All Things Considered <­>
Cc: Don Harlow <­>,
"Peter Kirwin J. Kirwin" <­>,
Gene Ledbetter <­>
Subject: "Speaking Through An Interpreter"

I was somewhat disconcerted to hear, in Weekend All Things Considered’s
otherwise excellent coverage of Jean Bertrand Aristide’s return to Haiti, that
in his speech to the people of Port Au Prince he "spoke through an
interpreter". I think we need a little reality check here. President
Aristide was speaking in Creole French to an audience for whom that is the
first (and presumably for the majority, their only) language. He was not
"speaking through an interpreter". Even for an English-speaking audience, he
does not NEED to, as he immediately proved by switching to a workman-like
English which is certainly a lot better than my French! Your reporter’s use
of the phrase "speaking through an interpreter" at the very least gives the
appearance of unthinkingly maintaining the illusion (I almost said
"self-delusion") that languages other than English are somehow less "real"!
What anglophone arrogance!

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