Prince Charles subtenas la anglan

Prince Charles subtenas la anglan

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Karaj rebatistoj!
Mi ne scias kiel aux kie oni povos respondi al la jena artikolo, sed
la afero menciindas ie…..
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Subject: (fwd) Prince: Speak Queen’s English
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LONDON (AP) — Prince Charles wants Americans to stop dissin’ the
King’s English.
The prince said Thursday that the language is corrupted by
Americans who “invent all sorts of new nouns and verbs and make
words that shouldn’t be.”
“I think we have to be a bit careful, otherwise the whole thing
gets rather a mess,” he told the British Council, which promotes
English language and culture throughout the world.
Prince Charles was launching the council’s English 2000 project,
which seeks to maintain the language’s preeminence in the world by
achieving a billion speakers by the millennium. He said there are
currently about 700 million English speakers.
“We must act now,” he said, “to ensure that English — and
that to my way of thinking means English English — maintains its
position as the world language well into the next century.”

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