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The European (en Elan), 1994-11-18…24

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The European (en la kahiero Elan), 1994-11-18…24

Esperanto ekfuroras

ESPERANTO is enjoying a new lease of life following the release by
Michael Jackson of the most expensive film ever made in Hollywood
($30000 per second). The 3 1/2 minute film in Esperanto is part of a
promotional video for _HIStory_, Jackson’s new double CD, which is due
for release next month and was filmed in Hungary earlier this year.
Interest in Esperanto has been compounded by the release of _Esperanto_,
a CD by German band Electric Music.

The international Esperanto Association is even claiming that the
English language is dangerous. A spokesperson said: "English is
unworkable as an international language and is proving dangerous as the
language of air traffic control."

The association has released a list of fatal air accidents caused by
misunderstandings arising from the use of English.

Beda^urinde mi ne havas pa^gonumeron: temas pri el^cerpo, kiun sendis al
mi mia patri^co. Ri cetere aldonis: "The attached cutting from The
European suggests to me that the International Esperanto Association has
gone over the top a little in its desperation!"

Mi suspektas, ke tiu "International Esperanto Association" ne estas UEA,
sed pli ver^sajne EAB.

Jen la detaloj pri adresoj, validaj je 1994-09-26 (mi ne havas aktualan
ekzempleron por kontroli, sed kial ili ^san^gi^gu?):

Letters for publication should include the writer’s signature, full
name, full address and telephone number. They chould be addressed
`Letters to the Editor’ and sent to The Editor, The European, 200
Gray’s Inn Road, London WC1X 8NE. The Editor reserves the right to cut
and edit letters. Letters can be faxed on (44) (0)71 713 1840


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