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United Nations, 6th UNPFII session: ERA’s proposal submitted at the World Languages Conference

United Nations, 6th UNPFII session: ERA’s proposals submitted at the World Languages Conference

The finalized documents of the 6th Permanent Forum for Indigenous Rights have been made public in the duration of the conference that took place in New York, lasting 11 days, until the 25th of May, and made up of over 70 countries.

The main theme of this year’s session was to enforce the protection and promote the rights of indigenous groups and improve their living conditions.

Thanks to the Transnational Radical Party – a first degree ONG at the ONU – the "Esperanto" Radical Association also took part suggesting two proposals could be adopted:
Firstly, a collaboration with the Permanent Conservatory of Endangered World Languages," aimed to supply updates on the linguistic ecosystem and culture; secondly, to urgently launch a Languages World Conference.

Both proposals were verified during the Forum: more than 30 indigenous populations will contribute to the Permanent Conservatory, while the World Language Conference ha found a spot in the final Recommendations of the Economic and Cultural Council, specified in point E (E/C. 19/2007/L. 3 Add1); "protect, together with the indigenous culture, the Permanent Fourm, organize of a Language Diversity World Conference, protect indigenous languages, identity and education to help contribute to the Second International Decade program for the Indigenous People of the World."

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