The Politechnic of Turin adopts a discriminating policy about languages

 For the second year in a row the Politechnic of Turin adopts a discriminating policy about languages penalising all those who want to be lectured in Italian.Italian students who choose to enrol in a bachelor’s degree entirely or partially taught in English are exempt of paying tuition fees for the the first year.* Those who want to attend lectures in their mother tongue in their own country are discriminated and unfairly taxed.The Politechnic of Turin enforces a policy that discourages systematically the learning of Italian language at citizens’ expenses. Italian taxpayers’ money is not used to boost research and teaching but squandered to offer un unjustified privilege to those enrolled in English-taught degree courses who are generally the same people who could afford expensive studying holidays abroad. In a period of financial crisis like this such a linguistic discrimination is even more unacceptable. * EU citizens attending English-taught degree courses are discriminated because the tuition fee allowance concerns Italian people only.This is a country-specific discrimination issue which does not comply with the EU treaties.2. The Politechnic cancelled Italian-taught degree courses and replaced them with English-taught courses as it happens in Biella and Vercelli.* It is an example of social injustice. Many Italian students have no access to scientific knowledge, they are forced to attend lectures taught in a foreign language since undergraduate level studies. They are deprived of the right to acquire knowledge in their own language in their own country and often forced to move to another city to find a degree course taught in Italian, incurring in additional costs for living and accommodation.* In most cases English-taught courses are given by Italian mother tongue lecturers to a majority of Italian native speaking students!This causes a depletion in communication which reflects badly on the transmission of knowledge. Claim your right to understand, demand your lecturers speak your language ( which is theirs too)!* No advantage in terms of employability. A knowledge of technical and specialised Italian is necessary to get employment in Italy and it is extremely appreciated in Europe. Students attending bachelor’s degree courses entirely taught in English, especially foreign students, will not develop the specialised linguistic skills necessary to operate effectively in the national economy.In addition, students who are not learning Italian scientific terminology lose out when compared to native British or Irish competitors who will always have a better command of the English language. * It is also expected an effective anti-national activity of the Politechnic which is facilitating  the egemony in international relations of English speaking countries to the detriment of the rest of the world population.For all these reasons it is vital to act right NOW at least in three different ways:
1. Resume Italian-taught courses and abolish the tuition fee allowance for English-taught degree courses.
2. Pursue a collective request for damages against the Politechnic of Turin.
3. Lodge an appeal before the European Court of Justice against the Politechnic discrimination policy damaging to EU citizens.

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