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Support the Millennium Development Goals in Favour of Aboriginal Cultures

“Support the Millennium Development Goals in Favour of Aboriginal Cultures.”
Speech by Radical Pagano during the meeting of cooperation, promoted by the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Battle for fighting poverty, Cultural Heritage and other problems gender and educational problems: These are the main themes suggested by the four main work groups, created to debate and suggest initiatives awaiting to be acquired by the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. The results were presented, on Thursday, September 20th, by the viceminster for Foreign Affairs, Patrizia Sentinelli, to all the participants and the groups present. It was discussed today at the Senate that a A Cooperation for Developing Countries is predicted to take place at the next Cooperation Forum before the end of 2007.

Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of the "Esperanto" Radical Association, spoke during the conference, encouraging Italy to recapture its international importance with these Goals, to focus its actions on the aboriginal populations and their characteristics.
«All the circumstances are there,» Pagano said, «From gender problems to Cultural Heritage, often expropriated, from protecting disadvantaged populations to safekeeping cultures that are risking extinction. There are 350million people who belong to aboriginal tribes that can and must build a priviledged functional enviroment in order to reach the Millennium Development Goals of Aboriginal people as their existence is bound to the survival of a large part of global linguistic and cultural biodiversity, otherwise destined to reduce itself by 90% within our century.»

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