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Rights and Wrongs of the European Patent Confederation

Rights and Wrongs of the European Patent Confederation
The Confederation, which backs the the Italian’s goverment’s desire to limit linguistic discrimination of the Italian language, has reason to show its dissapointment in the way the the European comission has handled the linguistic regime and the problems of the future community Patents.
However, the confederation is wrong in thinking that the most beneficial solution is using English as the only language for all future patents. It would mean choosing the worst option possible, a discriminatory decision which goes against the interests of the main countries’ economic systems and would benefit the UK alone, which is not even a Euro country.
Aside from this, making English the Patent language implies that Anglosaxons have the hegemonic right to all of the continent’s intellectual material, and everything that grows from it.
In the end, and Australian or an American business would be favoured over any European one. Ridiculous.
Non English-speaking nations should stop fighting amongst one another. The problem is not only French, German and Spanish, but the fact that continental Europe is constantly allowing privileges for English mothertongues.
To actually protect the competition and save one’s own language from English colonization so that everyone can earn from it, there is only one linguistically democratic solution: adopting Esperanto as the technical Patent language: each patent will be presented in the country’s mothertongue as well as Esperanto for technical and legal

Rome, July 28 2010

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