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Regions: the caste takes all the Civil Service Resources

Regions: the "caste" takes all the Civil Service’s resources, launched in a meeting beween youth and associationism.
Predictably, the resources destined to the Civil Service have been removed and re-distributed by the Municipality, the Province(s), the ASL and other local institutions. In many italian regions institutions the danger of becoming party-ocracies the "hungry abyss" of the ‘Volunteer Civil Service’ is now reality. When it comes to brands, 98% of the projects approved by the Region belong to Municipal, Province and ASL administration, all which literally swallow the human resources still available, leaving crums to the "real" associations built by people who are not interested in scratching eachother’s backs. A silver medal from these embarrassing nominations foes to Basilicata, against 92% of Piemonte, Lazio and Sardegna, respectively ar 90% and 83%.
"What we are seeing here is the opening of a new chapter of The Caste, a recently released book written by Gian Antonio Stella and Sergio Rizzo, " said Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of the "Esperanto" Radical Association, "in one of the final chapters of the book, it talks about Italy’s party-ocracy that us Radicals have been writing about for decades now. Party-ocracy seems to have found a new way to manage the exchange vote, this time from the younger generation. It should be taken as an omen that the Goverment is immediately launching a revision for the Civil Service laws and that part of the so-called treasure is being used as a "refund" the associations victimized by thr local bodies of party-ocracy, in the easiest system possible to monitor.

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