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Politics, Pagano (Radicals/ERA): “Bossi and Berlusconi grow together in destroying the country.”

“Bossi’s secession and the Berlusconi collaboration grow together in destroying the country,” states Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of the “Esperanto” Radical Association. 

“If my Homeland is my language, as Camus once said, the PdL selling out our country’s linguistic and cultural identity is the other side of the poorly-disguised separtist operations that the Lega has been carrying out. It’s not a coincidence that the Premier forces all Italians to learn the language of the Americans in order to teach any subject, with the only possible result of giving 60 million Italians to the United States market; the leader that is bombing the dictator who’s hands he kissed until Obama gave the cue to go with a snap of his fingers; in the same way he supported Bush during thr Iraq war: the one who is selling out our shores, twirling his fingers while Pompeii crumbled… it is not a coincidence that our linguistic patrimony is disintegrating abroad after he reduced the funds by over 50%, while in Veneto they are scrounging hundreds of thousands of euros for its dialect.”

“The problem here is not only the fact that these operations will fall in to secession, but they are leading to the disection of our culture and identity, ensuring Italy’s political marginalization in the world. The extreme collaboration with the English-speaking linguistic colonization has, in fact, sucked the life out of Italy’s heritage, it can not but flatten all of linguistic minorities, guaranteeing the worst results possible. Let me warn the secessionists that continuing with this policy, our population will become another growing crisis, like the one that currently exists between the North and the South, the one that is happening in front of our very eyes, until we reach the point where no one will be able to say “no” to eachother neither in Italian or in Padano.” 

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