Notizie: The Pope gives Christmas greetings in Esperanto

Christmas 2008, Pope Benedict XVI and the Radical Party: The use of Esperanto seems to be one of the fews things they agree on.Statement by Mr Giorgio Pasano, Secretary of the radical association “Esperanto”The Pope gives Christmas greetings in EsperantoIn occasion of the the traditional delivery of Christmas greetings transmitted worldwide, Pope Benedict XVI used Esperanto, after Guaraní, among the 64 languages used, as a continuation of Pope John Paul II’s tradition inaugurated in 1994 with the contribution of the Radical party and ERA.Being in disagreement on virtually everything, from the ‘Eight per thousand’ to the Vatican bank management, from stem cells to the right of a merciful death, from the protection of Cristianity and Catholics in the world to the use of contraceptives and morning-after pill, the use of Esperanto seems to be one of the very few things that the current Pope and the Radical Party agree on.It would be much better if the Italian Episcopal Conference (CEI) and Catholic Universities took active part in this issue because now, following 15 years of such media coverage all around the world, the use of Esperanto risks becoming part of a nonsense liturgy.While the Gelmini law introduces the “dictatorship” of the English language in Italian schools – from primary to secondary school- just like what happened with the Russian language in the Warsaw Pact countries, Pope Benedict XVI’s multilingual vision appears to be more European and open-minded than that of the current Government.

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