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LINGUA E POTERE/LANGUAGE AND POWER: Press Conference for the Competition’s presentation

[fimg=left][/fimg]The press conference for the Competition "LINGUE E POTERE – Language and Power" took place in Montecitorio’s press room on the 5th of August 2010 at 11.30 with the Hon. Marco Beltrandi, radical Delegate of the PD (Democratic Party) and Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of the Esperanto Radical Association, Head of, editor and speaker of the radio Radicale’s program “”

The economic and religious wars are in the same league as the linguistic ones. Placed in to action by the people, they could dominate over people. It is therefore essential to reflect on the series of relationships between language and power, and launch this protect not only amongst Italians and in italy, but in the world. This is the goal of our project, Lingua e Potere, which will be released by the press tomorrow. With a 4000 euro rewards, the competition is open to immigrants residing in italy, Italian citizens and Italians abroad: they will be able to partecipate contributing texts, stories, essays, theatrical or cinematic scripts, videos, shorts o songs, it will be judged by a highly qualified jury, with people such as Moni Ovadia, Eugenio Bennato, as well as Ulderico Pesce and Alex Orlowski, Massimo Arcangeli, Armando Gnisci and Arnaldo Colasanti.

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