Radicali Congress: Giorgio Pagano over the United States of Europe

7th Congress of Radicali Italiani: Giorgio Pagano speech over the United States of Europe


We have to become the new ruling class which might guide the United States of Europe towards independence. We must have the ability to represent the interests of our half billion people: first of all a federal language. Against such a fair and democratic choice is set the anglophone monopoly, which is definitely not natural: the spread of English is a planned economic move. EU should open to Russia: in order to its democratization, the common culture of the avant-garde, the needs of our economy.

At the last Olympic games we won as European Union three time the medals of USA and China, 280 against about one hundred gained by USA and PRC: we should take part in the next games officially as countries of the European Union!


Cristiana Paone says:

there is a meaning of change in the words of Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of the radical association for linguistic democracy, present on november, 2nd at the 7th congress of Radicali Italiani in Chianciano Terme.

I try to imagine myself as a representative of the United States of Europe, not only as an italian. His speech is innovative, deep and heartfelt: “if we fail to make the people dream european, we risk to remain trapped inside our national dimensions. The transnational radical challenge is to introduce the same bills in many parliaments at once, supported by mass demonstrations in many countries of the world. How to make real an european dimension that could allow us to make the change?

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