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European Languages Day: Flags at half-mast or draped in mourning on windows and balconies.

European Languages Day: Flags at half-mast or draped in mourning over windows and balconies.
Statement by Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of the Esperanto Radical Association

Continental Europe will celebrate European Language Day on the 26th of September, 2010, when it is in fact a day for grieving. The reality is that only one langauge will be celebrating, that is the English one, and it is celebrating at the expense of other European languages.
Gelmini, the Minister for Education, is responsibile, even more than Moratti, for destroying Italy’s linguistic identity. Luxemburg’s Court of Justice has secured the English-French-German tri-archy by assuring that fertile ground has been prepared in the European community competitions to allow for the "final solution" to take place under then unconstitutional English Linguistic democracy.

Furthermore, the 26th of September should be considered a day of mourning for all the non-English languages in Europe and, starting from 2010, we must commemorate with flags raised at half-mast or draped over windows and balconies in mourning, until Esperanto doesn’t become the Federal European language,until we can have the liberty to choose to have the time and money to learn a foreign language, or to not learn one at all if it doesn’t interest us; Linguistic freedom as Europe’s model for the world.

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