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Europe, Pagano (Era): Letta’s priority is Europe but Europe’s priority is the Federal languge

Declaration of Giorgio Pagano, ERA’s Secretary

At the Festival of economy in Trento, Letta said that Europe needs a shared sovereignty, not in 10 years but in 18/24 months and that EU must strengthen its political, economic and military global position even through the direct elections of the President of European Commission and of an unique Ministry of Economy. Those are suggestions which could be shared by European federalists, but they cannot be achieved without federal language, as now there are 23 official languages or an English-language monopoly, realized by the most anti-European country in Europe: the Great Britain”. This is the comment of Giorgio Pagano, leader of Esperanto Radikala Asocio, about the speech of the Prime Minister in Trento.

Which country more than Italy, with its centennial creativity, could be the mouthpiece of the International language? After all, Italy is the only country which has a ministerial study about Esperanto of 44 pages! Dear President, we need to realize that English does not speak about future and Europe and Italy could be the architect of the biggest innovation for Europe. International language gives the chance to make the EU stable and enduring. English-language is unfair, undemocratic and old!”, Pagano concluded.

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