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EU/UK, PAGANO (ERA): The United Kingdom out of the EU is positive for the european federalism

Rome, 21/12/2012 – Obama asserted to be worried about the declarations of the Prime Minister of England Cameron, who defined EU exit of Great Britain “presumable, at this point”.

«After all, this possibility is near because of the overwhelming growth of the UK Independence Party, UKIP. The reasons of the american fear and trembling are clear and ERA has been denouncing them for years. UK is the american Trojan Horse in Europe, the most effective instrument to bottle economically and socially the richest continent of the world up and to exploit it. It’s enough to remember the Cereghino and Fasanella’s book ‘Il golpe inglese’ (The British coup)», states the Secretary of Associazione Radicale Esperanto.

«I don’t know if London is ready to be transformed in a sort of big Hong Kong with helvetic features which moves towards to the savage economical-social “laissez-faire”; the british welfare state has been destroyed by ten years of liberalism and maybe British people are not ready to give it up forever. But UK isolation will also provoke its irrelevance in the international environment. At the same time, USA will exclude their old motherland because it will not be able to represent their interests in Europe. I wish that UK will finally decide to work in favour of itself and of Europe, and not against it, but it’s clear that this attitude of uncertainty is considered unpopular by the american superpower. In fact, the anglophone linguistic penetration has made English the most important language of the Union. Even the international conference “Towards a global literature”, organized in Milan by IULM, seems to agree about the irreparable decadence of nationals literatures, and their convergence towards a normalized imaginery, which can only be expressed with the language of the First Empire of the Mind», concludes Pagano.

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