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English-Only and the new elite: English mother tongues

The Commission, the Goverment and Gelmini are the Stars of the Show.
Statement by Giorgio Pagano (Radicals). "I have insisted time and time again that the English-only policy is destroying the Italian language, as well as the languages of other non-English-speaking cultures, and it discriminates the young and the not so young in favour of the English mother tongues who are advantaged by birth. I have been denouncing the double-crossed European Commission for years. While it claims to believe in multilinguism, it actually enforces the English-only policy against the best interest of other countries," said Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of the "Esperanto" Radical Association, "the upteenth example of this support can be seen on the website, … lists/1369, where the Commission is blatantly looking for young English mothertongue journalists only. This shows that the Goverment’s, as well as Gelmini’s, English-only policy will make way for a single elite: the English mothertongues, ignoring any notion of democracy or equal opportunity. We are starring as the victims and subjecting our youth to this system, a slavery system from which the Italian people should rebel," Giorgio Pagano concludes.

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