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Demonstration Witnessing the Beatification of John Paul II

[fimg=left][/fimg]Demonstration to witness the Beatification of John Paul II

Demonstration at the Beatification of the Esperantist Pope

«On the May 1st, at 10.00, we hope to be few among the many witnessing the Beatification of John Paul II, to acknowledge his attention on the International Language and the peaceful and non-violent unification among people.» Statement by Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of the "Esperanto" Radical Association.
«Papa Wojtyla was instrumental in enforcing linguistic essence by supporting Esperanto, using words such as peace, dialogue and non-violence. Words that Christians can relate to, and, in the virtue of ideal tolerance which, starting from the last century, has pushed religious communities to dialogue with eachother,» Pagano continued.

«The Pontifical activity for Esperanto is not limited to linguistic innovation in a confessional enviroment, it has a significant message of peace and tolerance that respects cultural diversity among all people. Wojtyla was the first pope to express the urbi et orbi blessing in Esperanto, at Easter in 1994, giving life to the hope that the Radical Party that was transmitted via a letter signed by Emma Bonino, Marco Pannella, Ottavio Lavaggi, Olivier Dupuis and obviously, myself, Giorgio Pagano. A tradition has been introduced and continues to live today under Benedict the 16th.»

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