For linguistic democracy

Dear Ajello, I continue to fight to see the end of linguistic slavery.

Giorgio Pagano, the European Bonino-Pannella Central District List candidate, is against Messagero’s "He-doesn’t-know-English-he-won’t-have-my-vote" ideal candidate criteria, a thought expressed by Mario Ajello in his article "The 10 Euro-Candidate Must-have Requirements," published in Messagero‘s on 25-05-2009. Ajello implies that speaking English is one of the 10 requirements that the ideal European Union Delegate should have to represent the European people at Strasbourg.

However, Giorgio Pagano, European Bonino-Pannella Central District List candidate and Secretary of the "Esperanto" Radical Association, disagrees and defends the democratic method of communication, which is nothing but victimized by the hegemony of the Queen’s language.

"A federal linguistic policy, that is, using Esperanto as the language of equal opportunity, is needed in order to strengthen the European Union’s involvement in building up the identity of the United States of Europe."
Pagano states that "In a European Union that has expanded itself across 27 members, where 23 official languages should co-exist as equals, it’s paradoxical that an ideal Euro-MP can carry out its duties properly only by embracing, and not rejecting, the English domination."

"Free from English colonization, not enslaved: this should be one of the slogans for the ideal Delegate that represents 27 cultures and 23 different languages," he concluded

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