For linguistic democracy

Committee for the Mother Tongue Language, Paris, 9th of March

An international meeting to defend the right to work in one’s native language took place in Paris, March 9th, at the Chamber of Deputies.
Associations and important German, Italian and French Unionists, as well as Quebec organizations, participated at the event, that was organized by the CFTC (French Confederation of Christian Workers) and by the deputy, Jacques Myrad. During the conference, the destructive effect that the English language was having on every other language of the world was discussed, focusing in particular on the English hegemony in the work world.
The FLC-CGIL and UILM-UIL Unionists were there to represent Italy, while the "Esperanto" Radical Association was there to represent associationism. During the course of events, the participants decided unanimously to build an international mother tongue committee on the 9th of March, the goal being to co-ordinate all of the information the the politicians, associations and movements had on the subject, starting from those present at the meeting, to support linguistic democracy in Europe and in the world, especially focusing on defending the use of national languages in the work world.

First of all, the new Committee will ask the President of the European Parliment as well as the Presidents of the other Parlimentary groups, and the European Commissioner, Orban, to meet urgently, before the vote in favour of multilinguism takes palce, and listen to the concerns, social and economic fallbacks that could happen if the Culture Commission and the European Commission approve the recommendation.

Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of the "Esperanto" Radical Association, stated, at the end of the day: we hope that this is a starting point for linguistic and democratic freedom, a positive reaction against the pervading English language, to the point where the level of interllectual opression is nothing less than fascism that has manifested itself in recent European history.

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