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Biological Battle against the premature Death of Languages

About every two weeks a language dissapears off the face of the earth. A culture and its wisdom dies. At this rate, more than half of the world’s languages will die out within the century.
This grave situation has troubled the UNESCO for some time now, which speaks openly about its resolution of the importance of plurilinguism in the world of education, about the danger that threatens today’s linguistic diversity and causes the globalization in communication, as well as the tendency to use only one language, with the risk of marginalization of the other great languages of the world and even the extinction of widespread minor languages, starting from regional languages.»

Infact, the English-speaking countries are increasingly becoming the world’s leaders in the cultural-linguistic genocide, an event that has been witnessed only once before in history: Latin, the language of the Roman Empire, wiped out all of the other languages that existed at the time.

The strategy was already clearly stated in 1997 by the American scholar Rothkopf: It’s in America’s interests to ensure that the world is working towards one langauage, and that that language be English; if the world is to be connected by raido, television and music, the setting must be American; and if shared values are evolving, they should be values that America agrees with.

What can we say about Europe, which is still not able able to hold a funeral for the Post-war, sets up a funeral for itself, burdening their children with the Cross of learning English from the first day of school, whilst English children, the aristocrats of the linguistic world, speak and learn only English!

Is this because the parents of English mothertongues are smart, and the other non-English-speaking countires of the world are fools? No, it’s not only the parents who are smart. It’s also the entrepreneurs, teachers and journalists… and, especially, the politicians. The people put their faith in the hands of their politicians. A faith which the Italian people have already tested, and lost in the outcome of the World War. The difference is, however, that it is possible rise from the ashes of a war, where from the death of a language, it is not.

If education continues on the path it is on now, that is if we continue to sustain the English language, it will lead to illiteracy and it will lead to the end of the Italian language, and the end of the Italian population.

It is absolutely essential that we find cover. To fight the premature death of languages, we must adopt the method of "biological battle," a method which is often used with great success in agriculture.

Another language, one with a biological function, must be inserted in the world. One that is not aggressive, that can be used to communicate without hurting other identities and leaves the planet’s biodiversity and culture intact. It needs to be a language that carries Civilization but doesn’t invade others. A language where everyone has equal opportunity and no one has to waste time unecessarily, we’d like to dedicate our time to other subjects, not just languages, even if that subject may be only loving one another.

This is what Esperanto is for: A linguistic miracle that doesn’t belong to any state, philosophy, religion or capital, armed with more than 122 years of desire to dialogue without the bullying that we witness today, in order to save linguistic and cultural heritage without having to submit to linguistic globalization.

The old continent innovates, Europe exports democracy, yet it doesn’t innovate, in the same way Bush ruled in America and didn’t innovate, in the same way war happens; With the power of dialgoue, using a simple, democratic language.

It’s time for everyone to start studying Esperanto, a language that is not imposed by any nation. However, do not be fooled: even though it is an easy language to learn, it’s still a language, of which Umberto Eco once said "I’ve come to realize that Esperanto is a masterpiece."

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