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Io pri Esperanto en brita televido

io pri Esperanto en brita televido

From: Edmund.Grimley-Evans@cl.cam.ac.uk

Date: Mon, 26 Jun 1995 22:08:43 +0100

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Subject: io pri Esperanto en brita televido

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And Rosta <­ucleaar@ucl.ac.uk> ^jus skribis en la dissendolisto CONLANG:

> I’ve been meaning to post a review of Richard’s ace turn

> on British telly reciting Nick Nicholas’s Klingon translation

> of Shall I compare thee to a Summer’s Day like a native…

> but in the meantime British conlangers may be interested in

> the following:


> Tuesday [27 June] night/Wednesday morning [28 June] 1:05, Channel 4


> "LANGUAGE LESSONS. In 1890, Volapuk, an artificial language

> created by a German priest, had nearly one million speakers.

> This film traces the development of "universal" languages in

> the late 19th century and looks at the way Volapuk speakers

> deserted the language for Esperanto. [Producers/directors

> Steve Hawley and Tpny Steyger]"


> —

> And

Resumo: Oni ja montris ion pri la klingona en brita televido anta^u

kelkaj semajnoj, kaj oni montros ian filmon pri Volapuko kaj Esperanto

en brita televido, "Channel 4", je 1995-06-28, 01:05, en la nokto inter

mardo kaj merkredo.

^Cu iu raportos por la neteleviduloj?


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