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Is Adobe’s Acrobat the Esperanto of software?

From PC Week for September 26, 1994 by Jesse Berst

When Adobe Chairman and CEO John Warnock first started talking about

Acrobat, his company’s electronic-document distribution technology, he

said it would free us from the tyranny of paper. It would become the

universal means of passing electronic documents back and forth. I’ve

decided that’s about as likely as Esperanto becoming the planet’s

universal language.

For those of you who haven’t been following this category, it consists

of programs that let you send around documents with their formatting

intact, even if the recipient doesn’t have the original application.

First you create a document as you would normally. Next, you save it to

a special format. Then you can distribute it to others for viewing,

annotation, and text searching. It appears with its fonts, layout, and

graphics just as they were in the original document.


(…) But will Acrobat or any of the others become the universal exchange

medium? Not until the day we’re all doing business in Esperanto.

– Jesse Berst is editorial director of the Windows Watcher. Send

comments via E-mail (JBERST@mcimail. com) or fax (206-883-1452).




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