Esperanto in British Airways

Re: Esperanto in British Airways [ #8001]

From: Alain FAGOT <­>
Subject: Re: Esperanto in British Airways [ #8001]
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Kelkfoje okazas, ke flammilito ne okazas kiam oni intencas meti fajron
en la grupon. Jen respondon al la jam menciita artikolo, kiun mi afiis
en "":

—— Plusendita Artikolo <­>
—— El ("Reg Scaife")

>Perhaps they should concentrate their efforts instead on
>trying to create a single European language ?
I agree that we need a single official language – the situation will
become totally impossible otherwise in the next enlargement, when we
will ahve to add Polish, Czech and Magyar. However, I think you should
refrain from calling it a single European language. Any suggestion that
an official language would supercede the existing languages would unite
the whole of the EU against the idea. The very determination with which
the British and French defend the functional roles of their languages
means that neither will be a single official language. That can almost
certainly only be achieved by a language not commonly spoken in any of
the member states – Esperanto, and Latin would seem to be the best
Reg Scaife, from London

—— Fino de la Plusendita Artikolo

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