Undersecretary Mantica; Right. Gelmini: Wrong

Undersecretary Mantica; Good. Gelmini: Bad
Statement by Giorgio Pagano
[fimg=left]http://www.esteri.it/MAE/Images/palla_pomodoro_IT.jpg[/fimg] "Our sincere congratulations to the Undersecretary Alfredo Mantica, who has signed a deal with the

Albanian Ministry of Education to ensure that Italian is to be taught as the first foreign language at school," says Giorgio Pagano, ERA’s secretary.

" This agreement shows that Italian can be a vehicular language and we’re certain that it could be one also across the Atlantic: think of places like Argentina or Venezuala, where there are numerous and essential Italian communities. "
" There is, though, a change in direction for the political majority: while the Minister for Education imposes the teaching of non-lingustic subjects to be taught in English, creating employment conditions for English mothertongues in Italian schools, the Minister of Foreign Affairs abbreviates a memorandum in Tirana instead, which establishes Italian as the first foreign language, specifying that in three high schools, 50% of the subjects that will be taught by professors travelling from Italy. It’s necessary that a minister of Italian Language a Culture, which embodies today’s responsibilities that are divided between various Ministries and, on one hand, contrast linguistic discrimination which the EU encounters – the economic and diplomatic snubs like the patent one – the inequality in the employment field between Italian, European and British citizens; on the other hand, there is a complete lack of interest in the distribution of the Italian language around the world, even in places like Switzerland, where it is the third national language, where its possible elimination from the school curriculum at Canton San Gallo was announced.

"What happened in Albania is a great advance: while here we’re opening our doors to English mothertongues, at least in Albania they’re opening the doors to Italian mothertongues, even if it may bring about a chain where English teachers will be teaching in Italy and the Italian ones in Albania, so that there will not be a uniformed desire among the different Ministers for Education, neither native nor foreign ones. If the policy to adopt is the one we applaud, that is Mantica’s, as it protects the interests of the Italian Language and therefore its national interests: However, if the policy we adopt is Gelmini’s one, as radicals we must say no to the education market and say no to the English mothertongues’ prerogative, given the employment crisis and the precarious drama that Italian teachers are forced to endure in our country."

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