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The Ministry of Culture is developing a draft law on the special status of the English language in Ukraine

L'Ucraina diventa fonte di colonizzazione linguistica inglese dell'Unione europea

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In order to integrate Ukrainians into the European community, a new law is proposed to be implemented in Ukraine. First Deputy Minister of Culture and Information Policy Rostyslav Karandeev talked about this during a briefing at the Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform.

“Every Ukrainian who learns English will be much more aware of European life. This will also help the formation of Ukraine’s subjectivity in the world globalization processes. In addition, after our victory, it will affect the growth of Ukraine’s investment and tourist attractiveness,” said the deputy minister.

The draft Law provides for:

  • establishment of special status of the English language in Ukraine as a language of international communication;
  • significant expansion of the scope of the English language in Ukraine;
  • the English language will be mandatory in certain public spheres of social life where international communications are available.

“The draft law regulates the use of the English language in certain public spheres of social life. First of all, it concerns international communications. The project is a certain declaration that will fix the state’s position regarding the English language and vision, which will also need to be done in separate plans and programmes,” commented Rostislav Karandeev.

An interdepartmental working group is being created at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications initiative. Currently, the MCIP is summarizing the proposals received from state bodies and the public and preparing a draft order to create such an interagency working group. Taking into account the findings of the interdepartmental working group, a draft law on ensuring the functioning of the English language as the language of international communication will be prepared, its public discussion will be held, and it will be prepared for submission to the Government.

We will remind you that according to the world ranking, Ukraine occupies only 40th position out of 112 countries in the world in terms of the level of English proficiency of its citizens. The Deputy Minister of Culture and Information Policy emphasized the new status of English is important for Ukraine’s strategic course toward EU membership.

The Odessa Journal | 14.08.2022