Europe, Pagano: What do Garton Ash, The Guardian or La Repubblica do to support those who have been endorsed for over 20 years the federal language?

«If “people who felt enthusiastically European 10 years ago” now are turning into “angry national stereotypes”, and if there is a real danger that “the bonds of sentiment and fellow-feeling essential to any political community are being rent asunder”, why you and your newspaper do nothing to make known and support those who suggest ideas to change the condition of things?». This is the comment of Giorgio Pagano, leader of Esperanto Radikala Asocio, on Timothy Garton Ash’s editorial, published yesterday on “The Guardian”.

«The answer is easy: in our country, the press is still controlled by the government. In our case, the fourth estate does not act in the interests of the citizens, but in the interests of the powers which finance it. The journalists aren’t the watchdogs of the power, but their pets. Instead, others newspapers like The Guardian or the Wall Street Journal bear interests which have nothing to do with a free and independent Europe».

«How can you think to create a Federation among people who speak 23 different languages without a federal language? In 1918 Roosevelt clearly said that there was room for but one language, because Americans should be nothing but Americans, not guests of a polyglot boarding house. Nowadays, the politics which has a says in the matter, starting from the British one, is against Europe. It wants a continent subdued to the English language, in order to make Europeans customers of American multinationals. The Esperanto Radikala Asocio and the Radical Party have been advocated for over 20 years the adoption of a federal language, the Esperanto. The egalitarian Timothy Garton Ash, on the contrary, support linguistic injustice and anglophone dictatorship against European interests», concludes Pagano.

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