Cuts, Pagano (ERA): Save ‘la Crusca’ by building a single Italian-speaking pole

« With the new goverment cuts, we risk losing another of our precious gems of our Country’s heritage, the Crusca Academy. Contrary to the British, French and German dedicated and continue to dedicate a number of resources to preserving their language, the engines of their economy both within the country and abroad. This country’s partyocratic government has stripped the Country of its language over the decades, among other things. For the Crusca case, however, a counter-attack is in order as well as the creation of a single Italian-speaking Pole.» Statement by Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of the Esperanto Radical Association. 

« In light of the large cuts applied to the organs which work towards preserving the Italian language, in addition to the unhappy reality which the institutions and the few employees risk facing, as well as our counter-productive institutions abroad, it seems necessary that to constitute a single pole in order to defend and relaunch the Italian language. In the Italian-speaking pole, the Crusca, Dante Alghieru, as well as the organs that certify the Italian language, and the Italian institutes abroad, guided by an Italian Speaking Commisssion, ought to merge together, at the Council Presidency, perhaps, composed by poets and writers as well as linguistic experts and must be, most importantly, financed with the same amount as the British Council, the Goethe Institute and the French-speaking are financed. 

«Our language, in comparison to English, finds itself in a condition of increasing neglect, partly due to the constant anglonization of our universities, which countinue offering an increasing number of courses exclusively in English, while us Italians pay to guarantee the United Kingdom’s longevity, we will find ourselves unable to afford supporting those organs which protect our language. We need a point of reference for the Italian language, to stand against colonization, a colonization which is unfortunately currently taking place in our education,» Pagano concluded. 
Rome, August 16 2011

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