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Common language of the human species: Radicals meet Chief UN Office Flumiani.

Relating to the Radical Party and Era Onlus and campaign for the common language of the human species, Giorgio Pagano and Monia Chimienti met, on December 16 at the Foreign Affairs Ministry, the Embassy Counsellor Catherine Flumiani, Chief UN Office of the General Division of Political Affairs to the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

During the meeting, which was also attended by Secretary of Legation of 2nd Office Pierro, was recalled, taking advantage of the discussion on the Post 2015objectives of the Organization, the Radical initiative to raise awareness of the United Nations about the Campaign of the common language of the human species both in the pursuit of prosperity for all, peace, nonviolence, and in respect of linguistic and cultural biodiversity. It ‘was important to remember the positive reception of the Italian permanent Embassy at the United Nations, as well as the meeting with the Papal Nuncio and the permanent Ambassadors of Benin, Ireland, Haiti and Panama.

The Radical delegation illustrated the increasingly pressing need to have a language for humanity in the perspective of greater continental union that is likely to have, however, nationalistic results for the effect oligopolistic which already is jeopardizing the internal democracy with the impositions to 28 member countries of the English, French and German. Just as European studies made by Selten, Grin and Lukacs indicating the billionaires economic effects of language discrimination in Europe, could be proposed to the United Nations to carry out analogues in a global approach.

While purely in terms of human rights and the pursuit of Peace would be the one already developed by the League of Nations in the ’20s and to be proposed today by virtue of the new empires, those of the Mind, which derive from linguistic domination far greater gains not by past colonial conquests through the occupation of territories and enslavement of peoples.

Councillor Flumiani showed that, however, Italy is a country that talks to everyone and this certainly facilitates initiatives that undertakes, about this one is necessary to inform the ministerial chain, in order to have an operational decision on the merits which, however, it will also rely on the creation of a “hard core” of governments and NGOs in the United Nations, that will support it actively.

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