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After Paris let us recall the Pope to embody the power of nonviolence.

After a 50 days hunger strike in a car in front of the Ministry of Education for the right of Italians to form in their mother language, Giorgio Pagano launches a petition asking to Pope Francis to back to use the international language called Esperanto as did John Paul II since 1994, this time giving directions to promote to the world and above all to Catholic schools.
“Holy Father, it is not right that there are tears more tears than others, either men or countries whose pain is greater because they are stronger or richer.
When speaking of «ruthlessness» or «extermination» as a response to terrorist attacks, the world is likely to fall in the practice of “eye for eye, tooth for tooth”, if not worse” says the articulated petition, to be read in is entirety.
We must give and obtain, says the Secreatry of Esperanto Radikala Asocio Onlus, a concrete tool to refound the international law on a new universalism because is right.
We have to crank up the level of the meeting embodying the nonviolence transnational far in the language that we use, giving a concrete tool and above the parties, of all parties, to those who, Christians and otherwise, work for understanding against hatred, for dialogue against oppression, for justice against privilege.
Your enterprise of renovation of the Catholic Church, of revival of the Christian mercy, united with your firmness and ability to understand and listen to all, in these dramatic days and around the opening of the jubilee year – says the petition – would be further strengthen with a message in language of nonviolence. The common language of humanity, second language for all, is an overarching objective today essential both to address the economic, social and religious poverty – freeing up economic and mental resources unimaginable – and to provide innovative solutions to complex issues: from the health to environment, from the preservation of linguistic and cultural biodiversity of the planet to the promotion of international egalitarian and quality education for all. Giving to the power of dialogue a common and nonviolent home.
May please to the Pope, named like the Saint who spoke to animals, including the wild ones, welcome this our pacifera pleading and continue to impart the blessing “Urbi et Orbi” in the International Language called Esperanto.

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