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Ciò che segue è tratto dal gruppo yahoo dell'Esperanto Society di Chicago. Uno studente di cinematografia di nome Kasey Mc Cormick (di cui sotto trovate la e-mail) ha realizzato un breve documentario sull'Esperanto.
Sarebbe bello che l'ERA o qualche altra organizzazione esperantista lo contattasse, in modo da sottotitolare in italiano il suo lavoro e farlo conoscere anche nel nostro paese.
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Hello Kasey,
Thank you for your reply. You worked in a very short timeline, sorry that it did not work out with the interviews. I understand that you did complete a short documentary about Esperanto? That would be interesting to see. Is there any way you could share the result of your work with our Society?
Best regards

Thanks Ernst!

Unfortunately, my film project has already been completed, but it all turned out fine, even without interviews. Charlie Gunn also emailed me back, although a little too late to participate in the movie as well, but he let me know about your gathering on the 12th. However, I fly home for winter break on Friday, so I won't be able to come, but definitely let me know about any other Esperanto events that come up.



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Hello Kasey,

I am so sorry that I get to read and answer your kind message only today. It looks like nobody else on the “to-list” of your email might have answered you. I am sorry. To contact me, please use my new Email address which is Since I am extremely busy these days, I also copy Viktor Pajuk and Roberto Stal! zer on this mail. they are leading the Chicago Esperanto Society as of new.

We are thrilled that you plan to make a film about Esperanto and I hope many club members will be interested in cooperating. The next gathering is on Dec 12, please contact Viktor Pajuk and Roberto Stalzer for details.

Your sincerely,


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My name is Kasey McCormick and I got your email addresses off of the Esperanto Society of Chicago's website. I'm a second year film student at Northwestern, and am in the process of making a short doc umentary film about Esperanto. However, my experience with the language is incredibly brief, and I was wondering if any of you would be able to help us out with the film by allowing us to interview you on camera. It would only take an hour or so of your time and I would appreaciate it so much if you could help me. Please let me know if you are interested and we will work around your schedule as much as possible.

Thank you so much

Kasey McCormick

P.S. We really really need your help! Please write back. Please please.


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