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Daily Mail

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Daily Mail, Thursday, October 20, 1994 – pa^go 55:


Do we need a world language?


HOW simple things would be if all the people in the world spoke their
own language plus an international language. What a saving there would
be in time and money and no need for the French to insist on their
language being spoken in the European Commission.

There must be thousands of linguists who would be pleased to help
devise a language which would be acceptable to all.

Esperanto already exists but I believe it is regarded as too biased
towards European tongues to be accepted as a worldwide language.

But is shouldn’t be beyond the wit of scholars and politicians to
devise something simple and practical enough to please everyone.

C. ARMSTRONG, Whitehouse, Newton Abbey.


WHATEVER else happens in Europe, we in Britain have one advantage: the
English language. No wonder the French go to such pains to protect
their mother tongue. No wonder the Germans are annoyed at the prospect
of English being used as a common language by the European Union. They
know the power of English to unite the world, in a free enterprise

The Scandinavian nations about to join the EU are already proficient in
English. Eastern European countries, now free from Russian hegemony,
are choosing to learn English. Forget teaching foreign languages to our
children, we must continue to roll forward the empire of English as the
future for a peaceful world.

D. B. TOMKINS, Surbiton, Surrey.


Faksa^jo de tiu artikolo alvenis en Morecambe dum la JEB-semajnfino
tie, kaj Geoffrey GREATREX tuj sidi^gis por ektajpi rebaton, kiu poste
sendi^gis kun la subskribo de Brian BARKER, en kies hotelo ni gastis.

Hiera^u Brian telefonis al mi por diri, ke la sola publikigita respondo
estis ^serca letero pri la klingona (kiu estas pli bona ol Esperanto,
^car oni parolas ^gin anka^u sur aliaj planedoj).

Mi iris al mia urba biblioteko por trovi tiun leteron, sed mi ne trovis
^gin, do ver^sajne ^gi estas en ^guste tiu numero, kiu ial mankas en la
biblioteko: mardo, la 25a de oktobro. Se iu povas trovi tiun numeron
kaj entajpi la leteron, ni dankos.


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